Wednesday, January 25, 2017

My review of Rakes in Tartan by Suz De Mello

Torquil Kilburn and Andrew MacReiver are best friends from Scotland that have come to London in search of wives for their manors back home. But both Tor and Andrew have secrets within their family backgrounds that they wish to keep quiet from those at the top of London's society.

Huldra Ragnarsdatter, her mother Dagmar, and brother Nikolas have just arrived from Norway in hopes of finding a suitable husband for Huldra after a disastrous ended engagement with Georg Frederiksson.

With societal clashes and balls Tor and Huldra begin to get close but will his charm and forward ways hurt Huldra's chances to fit in with society? When Andrew puts his own moves on Dagmar will they be a perfect fit for each other?

When people are found dead with their blood drained is their a link to vampires or is their something more dangerous out there that is out to right a personal wrong?

I liked this book but found it started off slow and I was confused for awhile during the beginning as well.

Initially I thought for some reason that Nikolas was Huldra's uncle as I thought it was Dagmar's brother and not Huldra's. Eventually I did realize my own mistake.

I was also a little confused on the relation that both Tor and Andrew had with vampires. I didn't realize that you could have vampire blood in you and not be a vampire. I think that the author almost went into too much of having "paranormal" bits and pieces into the characters that it took a way from the story as I was focusing on certain elements of the story and missing other things.

I liked the innocence of Huldra and her search for her perfect husband although it ended pretty fast. I thought it was amusing the unknown battles that she had with Lady Caroline Marks who had her own sights on Tor.

The relationship between Andrew and Dagmar was hot and I thought it was amusing the differences between Dagmar and Huldra. I definitely wasn't expecting the twist with Dagmar as I thought it was going to be something else!

I thought both Tor and Andrew were interesting although I was definitely confused with what they each were. I was sad when they lost Murdo as he was definitely innocent in everything.

Interesting story but I found it almost tried to appeal to too many genres and got a little lost.

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