Tuesday, January 17, 2017

My review of Shafted: A Devil's Blaze MC Story by Jordan Marie

Jax "Shaft" is 40 years old and has recently become a member of the Devil's Blaze MC. No girl has ever got his interest until she walks into the club one day.

Aubree Davis is 18 years old and the granddaughter of Tucker, the President of rival club Chrome Saints. She has not had an easy time growing up as Viper's daughter and feels much older than her 18 years. She wants what her aunts Beth and Katie have - husbands and kids. When her attention goes to an older man she is hooked.

Yet Jax and Bree have so much going against them, most importantly her age, but the two can't seem to stay away from each other. But what will the cost be when there is a chance that their clubs might be headed to war?

This book is hot and sucks you in right from the first page right until the end!

I was unsure initially about the huge age difference but when I saw how protective Jax was over Bree right from the beginning I started rooting for him. I loved how he had set in his mind what was allowed between the two of them until his jealousy took over and changed everything.

I think Bree was right in saying that she didn't grow up the traditional way and therefore felt much older than her 18 years. She had been taking care of herself for so long that she truly never felt like  a child and felt more comfortable around adults. She is so aware of what is going around her and is not scared to take on those around her when they hurt those she cares about, like Beast.

The scenes between Bree and Jax are hot and although the nickname Jax gave himself kind of creeps me out I was still good with everything that happened with them.

The whole problems with the MC clubs was huge and I was definitely sad about the losses that happened. I wasn't surprised with the ending and I really hope that this means we will get a set of books on the Chrome Saints!!

I am really looking forward to seeing what happens with Beast next as he deserves so much more than how he is treated and for how much he has lost in the past.

I love these books and I loved that we got a visit from some past characters that we haven't seen in awhile!

5 Stars

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