Friday, January 13, 2017

My review of Angel to the Rescue by Petie McCarty

Dr. Rachel Kelly is a child psychologist who is in the middle of dealing with her own issues when her best friend, middle school guidance counselor Jillian Henry, asks her to take on 3 new clients. All three cases are unique and each child needs Rachel's help in their own way.

Emily Miles is struggling on how to deal with her mother's new boyfriend, Stanley Nolan, and his unwanted advances. Jay Elledge is dealing with an abusive father and is trying to protect his younger brother Will. Alex Gerber is the youngest at 5 and he sees angels and they keep him safe.

As Rachel struggles to deal with her own issues surrounding her recent split with police negotiator Lt. Jake Dillon and secrets she kept to herself. When she finds herself in a crisis while at a Christmas party with her three new clients will she turn to Jake for assistance and will he be able to save them from the man with the gun? Will Alex's angels be able to keep them all safe?

This book was not at all what I thought it was going to be like and I was really taken in for an emotional read that really makes you think about angels in our lives. I am not a religious person but I do believe in angels and I really think that this book doesn't preach but makes you really think.

The book deals with so many difficult issues and I really think that the book shows that we need advocates such as Jillian and Rachel out there for the kids that need it the most.

I liked Rachel but wish she could have just been honest with Jake in the first place about everything that was going on with her. It was sad that the two loved each other so much but each would make mistakes that would push the other away. Yet her love for kids and helping them was so incredible and I really wish that there were more people out there like her that were in their profession for the love of kids and not for the money.

Jake was so torn as his actions said one thing but his heart said another. He was tired of being hurt but his actions caused so much of the pain. He knew he wanted Rachel but couldn't understand why she no longer wanted kids with him and instead of giving her a chance to explain he pushed her away. Yet there is still nothing he wouldn't do to protect her.

There were a few things I had figured out ahead of time - like with Wally but others surprised me.

Such a great read and a positive message about those that are there to protect us without us being aware of it.

4.5 Stars

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