Thursday, March 24, 2016

My review of Voices Carry by Diane Rinella

Brandon Wayne is having trouble moving on after the death of his fiance Amber over 10 years ago. He doesn't want to move on from what they had but lately he has been hearing voices and images which seem to link him to memories of others from the past and he's pretty sure he is going crazy.

Katherine Miller is a celebrity and the star of a TV show and seems to haunt Brandon's dreams and daydreams. Her voice seems to haunt him and he is not sure what connection he has with her. Yet when he goes to see a psychic named Jennifer she seems to help him put together some missing pieces.

Will Brandon be able to put the pieces of the puzzle together and figure out his connection to Katherine? Will his memories put him more at ease or make him have more guilt towards Amber's death?

I enjoyed this book and I liked how everything linked together but I must admit that at times I was a little lost over figuring out what was really happening and keeping the past separate from the present. I admit that was me and I probably would have felt different if I read it all in one sitting or in one day.

I did really enjoy Jennifer, the psychic and how she led Brandon to clues that he had to figure out himself for what was going on with his life. Brandon seemed so caught up in his guilt from the past that he had such a had time moving on and was super quick to jump to conclusions with Katherine through social media.

I really like Katherine and how she realized that she was having trouble with her relationship with Jason and where she really needed to be to be happy.

I think my favorite characters were probably sisters Darla and Bailey as they were the rocks for Brandon and Katherine, linking the two unknowingly.

I look forward to reading more in this series.

3.5 Stars

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