Wednesday, March 30, 2016

My review of Playing the Game by Shawnte Borris

Derek Backhard has always loved Liz Edison since they were kids growing up but when her husband, Brad, passes away he wants to step up and help her raise her newborn son Ryder. Yet as a professional hockey player much of his life will be on the road.

Liz wants to give Derek a chance yet at the same time she knows that he still has his own goals and didn't ask for an instant family. She is also very worried about moving on so quickly after Brad's death and what the reaction from all of their friends and family.

Will Liz give Derek the chance he's been always looking for or will the pressure of being away so much cause her to doubt his love for her?

This is the long awaited sequel to The Game! After the last book I really wanted and needed everyone to get a happy ever after! This book still brings in the great humor from the first one and again deals with the serious issues of moving on after losing someone that you love. I thought the author handled it well and spoke that everyone heals differently and when you are moving on with someone that has already been such a huge part of your life it's really not such a big deal.

I loved that the girls were still able to get out and party like they did in the first book and that the book really still centered around the family and how important it is.

I loved the part with Cougar Claudia and it is so unfortunate that you have the press in any industry able to skew things to how they want.

Derek was such an amazing guy to step up and help Liz out and even though he always had feelings for her that was not his motivation in doing so! He knew what he wanted in life and he attained it and the epilogue was awesome with where the next book was headed!

I love that gradually Liz was able to put herself first and do what she felt was right for herself and for Ryder. I could never imagine going through what she did but she did such a great job.

Can't wait for the next book with Adam and Caroline!!

4.5 Stars!

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