Tuesday, March 15, 2016

My review of Deadly Dunes by E. Michael Helms

Mac McClellan is an ex-Marine and newly licensed Private Investigator. He receives a call from Jessie Lofton who believes that her brother did not commit suicide but was murdered and asks Mac to take the job. When Jessie herself turns up murdered Mac knows that he must solve the case on his own in respect to Jessie's daughter.

Yet it seems as though everyone involved as ghosts in their closets and no one is who you think they are. Will Mac figure it out in time or will he be next on the list to die?

I really enjoyed this book as there were so many twists and turns that I kept engaged the whole time and really wasn't sure who was going to end up guilty. I loved Mac's association with deputy Dakota Owens as their relationship was super interesting and I wondered what would come about from it, even though Mac was in a relationship with Kate.

This was a great book and I definitely look forward to more from the author!

4.5 Stars

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  1. Thank you for hosting the tour, Rebecca, and for your wonderful review! All best to you and yours,