Thursday, March 10, 2016

My review of The Starlight Chronicles by Lisa Orchard

Gideon Lee

Lark Singer is trying to get through high school successfully while getting ready to compete in a music competition with her band. One of her hurdles is her mother, especially when she begins to ask questions about her birth father.

Then her best friend and bandmate, Bean, is acting very strange lately and he isn't telling Lark what is going on.

When did life get so difficult?

I enjoyed this first book in seeing all the dynamics of the relationships that Lark has with other people around her. I like that she perceives herself one way and then it begins to change due to an unlikely relationship that forms in the book.

I'm really interested in seeing how the relationship with her mother is going to go as Lark begins to ask even more questions about her dad.

A great beginning to the series!

Lark Singer

This is the second book in Lisa Orchard's trilogy and you must read Gideon Lee first.

In this book Lark is beginning to get closer to the competition but things are getting a bit crazy in her life. Her mom, Francine, no longer wants people in their house due to some things vanishing and Lark is not sure what is going on with Bean.

Then of course Lark doesn't give up on her quest for information on her dad but if she discovers the truth will it bring her and her mom closer or further apart?

With her arch enemy Dwayne McIntyre entering the competition Lark knows her Stevie and Bean have to be ready with their A game!

This book was great and really got you a glimpse inside Lark's life and also her mom Francine's. I loved how Lark really got to see what her mom went through in raising her and why. Such a beautiful moment between them.

I can't imagine what Lark was feeling with Bean as they were beginning to have a real relationship yet she knew he was holding back from her and that truly frightened her.

Such a great story and I can't wait to see how it concludes!


Wow!! This book ends and tears were shed!

This final book ends where you really don't think it will but part of you is just in denial as deep down you know where it is headed to a certain degree for sure - absolute heartbreak!

As the band, Starlight, is gearing up for the big competition they still have other things going on that are keeping them busy!

Lark goes against what she promised her mother and sees her dad. Just when you thought things had finally got to a great point between the two she breaks her mom's heart.

Dwayne is insinuating certain things to Lark about Bean and her defenses are raised and wants nothing to do with him at all, even if it costs her everything she has worked so hard to obtain.

Bean is still acting weird and Lark doesn't have a real clue until it could be too late.

Lark needs to figure out what is most important to her and whether she is truly going to do whatever it takes to get there and not take the easy way out.

There isn't much I can say without ruining the book so make sure you have your kleenex ready as I definitely needed it! This was definitely my favorite book in the series and the author does an incredible job at making you feel the pain that the characters are feeling!

I'm crossing my fingers she comes out with a book 4!!

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