Wednesday, March 2, 2016

My review of Scoring at Love (Men of the Ice Book 4) by Michelle Shriver

I love this series!!

This book focuses on Becker Lawson, the goalie for the San Antonio Generals who is one of the coaches for the Young Generals hockey camp. Wanting to attend the goalie portion is Tristan Meyers who really wants to be a goalie but his mom, Kendall, believes it is too dangerous of a position.

When Becker convinces Kendall to let Tristan try, will he also convince the recently divorced mom to give herself a second chance at love? Will Kendall allow herself to open up to Becker or will her life as a single mom to two kids, one with a disability, scare him away? Will she allow Becker to make his own decision or will she make it for him?

I loved this book, especially as a single mom. I think there is that thought that no guy in his right mind would want a woman with kids, especially when one is faced with difficulties. Becker was an amazing guy and so down to earth and I liked how Kendall presumed so much stuff about him because of his profession and judged him on how she thought he would be before getting to know him.

I also really like how the author continually introduces us to issues that people are faced with and makes it that no one should be ashamed that their kids are not perfect.

Loved the ending and the change in pace for the relationship - made it even more real!! So excited for the next book in the series!

5 Stars

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