Thursday, March 3, 2016

My review of Raylan by Lindsay Cross

Raylan Wild is back in Mercy when he spots his ex-girlfriend, Amber Atkins. Amber is not very happy to see Raylan after he broke her heart without an explanation and now she is also having to deal with another ex-boyfriend, Tommy, who won't stop calling her.

But Raylan is back to set things straight with Amber and explain why he left. Will Amber accept his apology or is one heartbreak enough? Will Amber's ex boyfriends cause her more than just heartbreak?

I loved this book and Raylan!! I honestly love him for what he did but wish he could have explained to Amber when he left why he did. He was such a great guy!

I totally understand Amber's hesitancy and was definitely glad she could trust Raylan with everything else that was going on her life!

5 Stars

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