Wednesday, August 2, 2017

My review of Something So Perfect by Natasha Madison

Matthew Grant is a hockey player and was destined for great things until his partying and bad boy ways caught up to him and landed him at his parents place. Now at 23 he has been given a second chance to play hockey but with one condition - a chaperone.

Karrie Cooney is the daughter of Doug Cooney who is the owner of the hockey team that has signed Matthew. She is not impressed with her new job chaperoning Matthew and having to accompany him everywhere but he is slowly tearing her walls down.

As Matthew and Karrie begin to get closer someone isn't happy with Matthew's spot on the team and will do anything he can to get him out of there. Can Matthew and Karrie hold on to what they have when it comes down to Matthew losing everything?

This was a great book and I love hockey so they go hand in hand!

I loved that Matthew was given a second chance to play but really had to prove himself all over again and work his way onto to the team and gain respect from his teammates. He loved the game but got in over his head the first time.

The sexual tension between he and Karrie right from the beginning was so hot and you knew something was going to happen and that it would be sizzling! I loved the attitude of Matthew in that he wasn't going to give up with Karrie no matter how much she pushed him away.

I also really liked how Matthew focused again on hockey and didn't let the team captain, Max, get under his skin too much. I did enjoy the little games the two played against each other with the "puck bunnies".

I was so mad with the twist and I thought I knew who was behind everything. I just honestly hate when that kind of thing happens as it was so wrong but I was glad how everything played out!!

Loved the epilogues and looking forward to the next book!

4 Stars

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