Thursday, August 10, 2017

My review of Something So Sweet by Meika Usher

Tierney Chandler works at a publishing company called Pencil Pushers and although it isn't the big dream that she set out to get, it is away from her hometown which keeps her away from all the gossip there. When Tierney comes back to watch her niece dance she bumps into Jack Elliot, cousin of her ex-fiance Wes.

Jack Elliot has always had a thing for Tierney but his cousin beat him to her back in high school. He's not ready to mess up the second chance he has been given. Yet he walks a fine line with his family, especially with Wes's mom who helped raise him.

Will Tierney give Jack a shot with love or will all the pressures of the small town get to them? When they each have a chance at their big dream will they take it or will love win?

This was a great romance with a pretty bumpy path to finding love.

I liked Tierney and I really understood her need to leave the small town and not want to return. Whenever she returns people make comments about her former love life and when she meets Jack again she finds herself being talked about again. She finds herself face to face with Wes and somehow is being played by others into believing she is using Jack to get back at Wes, which is not the case at all.

Jack was awesome and I really loved that he was a baker who was doing what he wanted to do but by doing so he managed to alienate most of his immediate family. I was mad at him several times for the way he accused Tierney of certain things in a way to deflect what he was going through himself. The way he treated Tierney after dinner with his dad and then after the dinner with his aunt was awful and I felt awful for Tierney.

The two of them together was so much fun when they were good and not on a bumpy patch. They had lots of excitement together and enjoyed the simplicity of things off the beaten path. Deep down I knew things would end the way I wanted them to but Jack never made things easy!!

The very ending was awesome with Jack's confession and I really hope the author writes a story with Cat in it!!

4 Stars

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  1. Thank you so much for your review! Cat's book is coming this fall ;)