Saturday, August 12, 2017

My review of Genteel Secrets by S.R. Mallery

In 1861 the Civil War in the US is just beginning and this is creating much tension between the North and the South.

When James Neely meets a beautiful lady named Hannah at the park he knows he will never forget her although she fails to meet with him again. Soon he begins working for the Pinkerton Detective Agency trying to stop the South and their spy's from gaining ground.

Hannah Mayfield has never truly fit in with the Southern beliefs towards the slaves. When she is caught teaching the family slave, Noah to read she is blackmailed by her cousin Lavinia.

When Hannah and James meet again will they still feel the same about each other or will the events of the times force them apart?

This was a good story about the Civil War and the casualties that can come from it.

I really liked Hannah and felt bad that she was stuck where she was because of her cousin. Hannah was so caring and put Noah and his families needs ahead of her own for their safety even though she risked so much with her own life.

James knew the good side of Hannah and was caught in a bad place. It kind of frustrated me thought that the real truth about Hannah never came out to anyone other than James as I would have liked for her to be working for the Pinkerton agency. I did like that James stuck to his beliefs about everything.

I liked how the women thought worked their stuff to obtain information. It's ironic that it still happens!

I really enjoyed the journey out for Hannah and James and the one key person in the story. That made me very happy!

3 Stars

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