Sunday, August 13, 2017

My review of Savior by S.L. Scott

Book 1, Savage, needs to be read first and please do not read the review if you haven't read the first one yet.

Alexander Kingwood IV, "King",  knows that Sara Jane Grayson might slip out of his hands after everything that happened in the first book. She is barely hanging on yet was on her way back to him after everything that happened. Now he is hell bent on getting revenge on those that hurt her and for whomever killed his mother.

Sara Jane Grayson is still in love with King after everything and knows her place is beside him but at what cost? She lost something precious and blames herself to a certain degree and she struggles with the loss of Chad and her friendship with Shelly.

But something else is still going on and King and Sara Jane are not out of harm's way just yet. Will they discover the truth before it's too late?

This was a great conclusion to the duet!

I loved King and this book showed how vulnerable he really was with everything that happened to Sara Jane. He wanted revenge and had to get to the bottom of everything before he landed in jail himself. The revelations regarding him were totally unexpected and definitely threw me but then it made other things make sense. He had such determination but really blamed himself for not answering his phone.

Sara Jane was strong and knew she wanted to be with King, even at the cost of her family. I loved her intuition and how she knew something was off. I was super sad when everything between her and Shelly broke down yet when it counted everything was where it should be.

There were certain things in the book that I was completely right for but there was one huge twist near the end that was completely unexpected and I was totally shocked. I loved it but was somewhat sad at all the time King spent with it.

This was such a great duet and I can't wait for what the author has for us next!!

5 Stars

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