Monday, August 7, 2017

My review of Wicked Takeover by Tina Donahue

Lauren Simms has just lost her job and discovers that her absentee father has just died leaving her a tattoo parlor called Wicked Brand in West Palm Beach. Knowing she needs money to survive she knows she must sell the shop when she struggles finding a new job.

Dante Avana is the manager at Wicked Brand and he along with tattoo artist extraordinaire Van Gogh and receptionist Jasmina keep the place running. He is extremely attracted to Lauren but understands that she must do what is right for her with the shop, even if it means selling the place.

As Lauren begins looking at the books she begins to get close to everyone at the shop. Soon she finds herself falling for Dante and begins a relationship with him. When opportunities arise for herself in regards to a job and the selling the shop will she take the chance or will she take what is right in front of her?

This was a great read on finding yourself and overcoming what is in the past. Lauren partly struggled with the shop as it was her dad's and she felt as though he abandoned her and then didn't want any part of something that came from him. She was jealous that the people who worked with him had a relationship with him while she didn't yet she was embraced by them all even though they knew she was planning on selling.

Dante was awesome and I loved the dinner he and Lauren had at the Cuban restaurant!! Super hot!! He was into BDSM and treated Lauren like an absolute queen! I will never look at a Merry-Go-Round the same again! I loved how Dante realized what was important to him and that it wasn't money that made him happy.

I loved the ending and was glad that everything worked out the way it should!!

Great read!

4 Stars

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