Tuesday, August 1, 2017

My review of Mine to Keep by Jenika Snow

Otto is 30 years old and lives alone in the mountains, away from a society where women are bid one and only the wealthy can get a woman. He desires a woman to love and cherish but would rather stay hidden than be part of a corrupt society.

Sansa's parents recently died and left her alone in a city that doesn't know she exists. Hidden by her parents after her mom was previously unable to conceive she has been kept away from anyone that could take her away. Now she knows her only chance at making it is to escape from the city she knows.

When Sansa struggles will Otto get to her in time? Will they both find what they are looking for?

This was a short novella about finding love in a time where you aren't allowed to find true love.

Otto was so self sufficient up in the cabin but never had anyone to share his life with since his parents died. I was kind of curious how they all fit in the cabin as it sounded like there was only one room but I may have been mistaken.

Sansa trusted Otto and I loved how things evolved between the two by small gestures. I was also glad that neither had previous experience as that would have made no sense at all! Yet Otto definitely knew a few things and things got hot quickly!

Such a great quick read!

4 Stars

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