Thursday, August 3, 2017

My review of Keeping Her Close by Dani Wyatt

Black Rousseau runs a biker bar but he has had his eye on one particular woman for a long time and it looks like he has finally received the nod from his boss to go for her. When his boss heads for prison he gives Black permission to go for his daughter but how will she feel?

Roxie Lear wants to spend the next 18 months at her family's cabin while her father is in jail. She is shocked when her dad agrees but nothing prepares her for her dad saying that Black must accompany her for the first two weeks.

How will Roxie deal with Black and when Black lays claim to Roxie will she be okay with what he has planned for her?

This was a short story but pretty intense with the BDSM.

I was shocked at what Black had planned for Roxie as it wasn't a typical way to woo a girl. I found it odd especially that her dad was his boss but maybe he was ok with what Black had planned.

"I may fuck you like my whore, but you are my most precious possession."

I felt pretty bad for Roxie initially and could understand how she was fighting the feelings she had sexually for Black when she wasn't there emotionally yet. But as she began to feel more for Black they ended up totally together.

I liked the epilogues at the end!

3.5 Stars

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