Saturday, August 5, 2017

Brendan's birthday

Bren just had his birthday last week and Mik volunteered to bake him a cake! So we know that means truly that I will be making him a cake and she will be helping me out!

The two of them looked through pinterest and Bren decided that he wanted a fidget spinner cake. I agreed but really wondered how I was going to pull it off. Well, luckily there was a great link but I must admit that it still honestly took me forever to draw out a fidget spinner on a base. I couldn't figure out how to get a blow up picture of a fidget spinner so I honestly tried to do the math and figure it out by hand. It took me forever but I really think that it did work.

The other part I was nervous about was using fondant as I have never used it before while baking. Not only that but I only bought white so I had to color it all. Bren wanted a blue cake so we used Royal Blue from Wilton and I really liked the way it turned out.

I am so happy with how everything turned out and will definitely be using fondant again!

So I have included a whole bunch of links for you with everything that I used. I have the link to make the cake, the vanilla buttercream that I used and the way to color fondant.

So much fun!

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