Wednesday, March 15, 2017

My review of We Said Forever by Marie James

Blaze Porter has worked his way up from having nothing to getting a football scholarship to attend Las Vegas University. He is the winning quarterback that can have any girl he wants but there is only one girl he wants.

Fallyn McIntyre attends Las Vegas University and hates the parties and everything that goes with them. Then one night she meets Blaze Porter and her world is turned upside down.

But in an instant it is gone when an accident leads to the end of a dream and leaves Blaze spiralling downwards and a choice to turn his life back around. But can he break free of what is holding him down and knowing he may have lost his one true love?

This was a tough book to read for so many emotional reasons. This was definitely a heavy book and it dealt with the struggle of addiction and trying to get out of a spiral that has just taken over your entire life.

Blaze had everything going for him when he loses it all in a second. The hardest part for me was that the accident and what happened after was not because he made a conscious choice but that he trusted someone and it backfired on him completely. Then with his shoulder injury he dealt with the pain the only way he knew how which again got him hooked.

Fallyn was there for Blaze for so much of the book until she finally had to put herself first. But she knew that her heart would be his forever and struggled with getting past that as much as other opportunities were there for her. She loved Blaze so much but couldn't deal with the addiction and him not choosing her and being sober over the drugs. She was strong once she knew what she had to live for but her heart would never get over him.

I was so mad at Blaze for much of the book with his lies and not choosing Fallyn over the drugs but this book really made me see the struggle that people go through. This book was so eye-opening as I have not been around this type of struggle before and I felt bad that I was mad at Blaze as I saw how easily he could fall apart. Blaze had all of his dreams ripped away from him from having one drink and the impact it had was huge on his life.

Yet at the same time once Blaze figured out the truth behind everything he could focus on what really mattered to him and I was so happy that he was able to straighten himself out and not inject himself until he was healthy.

The book was beautifully written and very raw with the pain. Such an amazing story about love, strength and forgiveness.

4.5 Stars

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