Sunday, March 12, 2017

Chicken Strips

I'm pretty sure my daughter would live on chicken strips if given the option. Every time we got for dinner that's what she orders. When we went on a Disney Cruise a few years ago I actually had to tell her that she couldn't have chicken every night.

Jasinda has a recipe for chicken strips that is breaded with almond flour and they are sooooo good! Last time I made them I messed up by not cutting them into strips but leaving them as whole chicken breasts. They were still good but with the smaller strips they were even better!

These were so absolutely delicious and the kids just loved them. I think both kids at least 4 of the strips.

The great part after is that we used the leftover chicken in salads as a source of protein and again so very tasty!

Love these and will definitely be making them again soon!  

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