Thursday, March 2, 2017

My review of The Game Begins by Victoria Danann

The gods have been long known for their games and wars within themselves to gain power and superiority over the others. This time they have involved their children in their games and placed them on Earth with no memories of who they really are.

Ever Moore has just transferred to R. Caine High School with no knowledge of the school. She hates sticking out but has made a friend in Galalia Endor and has also caught the attention of two boys, Jean Marre Montreuil and Mercury Ryder.

Will Ever be able to figure out what is going around her and when she discovers a hidden talent will she trust anyone enough to share it?

This was a great book and i'm extremely excited to see what Ms.Danann has for us with her first YA book.

I really liked Ever and completely understood what she was feeling being the new kid at school. I'm extremely interested in seeing through the series who she can trust and who she can't. The book has given us some clues but not enough for me to discover what everyone's agendas are.

I loved Ever's trip to the library and hopefully this helps her in figuring out who she is! I also really like her friendship with Galalia and I hope that it is a true one!

I'm very curious in seeing what is really happening with the boys and seeing which one is truly on her side!

4 Stars

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