Wednesday, March 29, 2017

My review of Abbey's Search for Sanctuary by Eris Field

Dr.Abbey Askoy is in desperate need of employment and has applied for a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner position at a local clinic specializing in many types of psychiatry. Her sister, Jeyda and her daughter Jenny have just come to live with Abbey after escaping from her husband.

Abbey grew up in Turkey and then came back to the United States with her mother and she has views of the Muslim religion and has vowed to never get involved with a Muslim man after seeing what both her mother and her sister have gone through.

But when she finds herself attrqcted to her new boss, Dr.Rami Rashid she soon learns that she must trust that he is different than other Muslim men and will protect her when it is clear that she is no longer safe.

Will Remi treat Abbey differently or is he just like every other Muslim man that she has come in contact with before?

This was a super interesting book on so many different levels and I really enjoyed learning about the cultural differences that the book talked about.

I really liked the character of Abbey and completely understood why she was so guarded. Yet she lumped all Muslim men into one pile but I did understand the reasons behind it. I was devastated to learn what Jeyda's husband wanted to do to their daughter, Jenny, and I think I would have run as well. Abbey was well educated and really wanted to help people and understood how many people out there need assistance with their mental health.

It was very difficult to read about what many women are subjected to in other cultures. Not every woman or man should be placed under the same "umbrella" but the information we learned in this book is so devastating to know that these types of things still happen. Sadly it does still happen in cultures and I have read about it locally.

I really liked Dr.Rami Rashid and right from the beginning I crossed my fingers that he was different and would treat Abbey properly. He was a very educated man who had been "burned" in love before and it was interesting to see how much status he lost from that and how it affected his family. Rami had a different approach to things and I loved how he was able to start over and how he protected Abbey when it was needed the most.

I can see that people may not want to read the book due to the cultural differences and subject that it talks about and that the book could offend some readers but I encourage the reader to give the book an honest try as the bottom line is love and giving someone a chance in spite of how we believe they will act.

4 Stars

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