Sunday, October 23, 2016


As I spend more time at the ice rink these days I become more tired and frozen to the core. Those days I want my comfort food and I want super easy. Nothing better than soup after a long, cold day!!

So I've always liked tomato soup but never have it out of a can. For some reason when I am tired I don't seem to look in the pantry for food and stare at the fridge until I give up. When I was going through Pinterest I was in the mood for comfort and love parmesan cheese so decided to give this one a try.

Now, in this recipe I cheated on my diet. The recipe required me to make a roux and I didn't have any whole wheat flour and I honestly wasn't sure if the Almond flour would work as I haven't used it before. I was afraid that the taste would change the soup. The recipe only used 1/4 of flour and it has about 6 servings so I figured I was ok to cheat although I'm sure my body will not be happy later!

I thought the soup was great and it was definitely good and cheesy. I thought maybe it could use a little more tomato flavour. The only other small problem I encountered was after adding the roux to the soup as I think I should have whisked it in instead of stirring it in. Otherwise another great success!

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