Monday, October 17, 2016

My review of Lethal Union by Vanessa Liebe

Sarah Carlton is a debutante in England and is also secretly known as "The Slayer". At night when her parents think she is sleeping she is out slaying vampires and demons. Aiding her is her best friend Lydia who is her guardian and although Lydia herself isn't out fighting vampires she lets Sarah know her greatest threats which at the moment is the Master Vampire.

Dominic is the Marquis of Sandford and knows when he sees Sarah that he must have her. He knows that she is the Slayer but little does she know that he is the Master Vampire and is supposed to kill her.

Will Dominic convince Sarah that they are better off together or will she push him away, knowing that her group wants to study him? When it is clear that someone else wants Dominic for themselves will Sarah find herself in more trouble?

This was a quick read and an interesting one as it is set in the past. I loved the balls and how Sarah was to present herself for all of the eligible men and that the men needed to be of a certain standing according to her mom. Then you have Sarah outside of that where she is killing vampires and I really liked the two sides of her.

Dominic was definitely interesting as he was almost captivated by Sarah as she was so different than most of the women out there. I thought it was interesting the things he proposed to Sarah about working together.

Fun and quick read!

3.5 Stars

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