Sunday, October 2, 2016

Slow-cooker Chili

Out of the blue my son asked for chili one day. He said he loved chili and I honestly can't remember ever making it for him but I was more than happy to make it for him.

I knew that I wanted a slow cooker chili as we are at the beginning of all the sports starting again and time is super limited on certain days. I also wanted to make sure we found one that wasn't loaded with things we didn't need - namely sugar.

I found this one through one of the other blogs that I subscribe to and thought it looked good and I honestly would never have thought to mix the two different meats.

My son absolutely loved the chili and my daughter thought it was ok but considering she did consume some of it I did consider it a success!!

Super easy to make - just be prepared to either cook the meats the night before or in the morning!

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