Wednesday, October 12, 2016

My review of Hunted by Lorenz Font

Harrow Gates is a hunted man. He is believed to have started a disease that has affected both humans and vampires and now the Vampire Council wants him dead. When he is accosted by a vampire named Tor they are both taken into custody by unknown men.

Jordan Foz is hunting a vampire whom she doesn't know the identity of after he killed her parents and bit her when she was younger. Desperate for revenge she follows Harrow and Tor to a compound run by Tack Pritchard who is after a cure for the disease. Jordan guards her heart close but is finding gradually she is beginning to trust those around her.

Tack has a secret group that is looking for a cure and trying to save as many people from being turned into vampires by another group. Will Tack's researcher, Leroy, be able to come up with a solution? Will the group be able to face the attacks they face on the streets and will they be able to survive what is coming?

This book took me a little to get into but then it hit a point where I was completely invested and wanted to see what was going to happen. I think at the beginning it was just taking me a bit of time to figure out whose side everyone was on and what the links were between the various characters.

I really liked Harrow and how conflicted he was. He hated that he was the cause of this disease yet I'm still not 100% how he even got it. He was willing to go through anything to help find a cure and save those infected. He had such a huge heart and truly fell for Jordan and wanted to break down her walls.

I liked Jordan and understood why her walls were in place. She really wanted revenge and knew that she may not come back if she was able to get through to the vampire that caused her parents death. Yet through Allison and Gail she was able to open her heart and then allow Harrow in.

All of the other characters on the "good" side were great and I really liked Tack Pritchard. He was ready to do anything to find a cure for Allison and his compound was a safe place where he wanted everyone to feel free.

I can't wait to see where the rest of the series goes!

4 Stars

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