Sunday, October 30, 2016

Hot Ham and Swiss Croissants!

There are some days when I want to be really nice to my kids and just give them something delicious but that's super easy to make. And lately with the constant rain I also want to make them something that is straight out of the oven and warm.

So both of my kids are ham lovers but have I mentioned that they are picky? So it can't be a full ham but deli slices. I decided to make them hot ham and cheese croissant sandwiches. We made them on a day that had dance, field lacrosse and soccer so the kids jumped at the nice warm sandwiches. I had mine on healthy bread so that I could enjoy the easy dinner too!

These were just so easy to make and the kids both loved them. Mik had one and Bren ate two of them! He absolutely loved them!

I loved that they were so easy to make and as my son came home later than us I waited until I knew what time he would home close to before sticking his in the oven and the timing worked out great!

Super easy meal!!

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