Tuesday, December 12, 2017

My review of Gray's Promise by Anni Fife

Grayson Walker walked away from the girl he loved 14 years ago when after an accident his brother, Jacks, announced that he was now engaged to Zoey Morgan. He left and joined the Marines but now works for King Security.

Zoey Morgan has been plagued with nightmares for the past 14 years since the night all of her family was murdered but her. She struggles with remembering what happened that night and knows that she needs to finally get the answers from that night.

But will Gray be willing to help Zoey with the past as both need to heal from the events of that night. As they return home will they be able to discover the truth and will Zoey once again find her life in danger? Will Gray be able to forgive himself for not being there when Zoey needed him the most?

This was a great read with lots of twists and turns that you keep reading until the last page.

My heart was so broken for Zoey right from the start as she went through so much trauma to have no memory of anything yet she was still haunted by that night and it was leading her down a dark path. She was strong yet weak and I loved how vulnerable she was as it was very realistic.

Gray was obviously a jerk at the beginning as he was so hurt after being in a relationship with Zoey for so long to only discover she was engaged to his brother, Jacks. Yet gradually Gray begins to let Zoey in and realizes how much they still care about each other. There was so much love between the two of them still and I loved how they healed each other.

The twists and turns in this book were great and although I had some suspicions I never realized how deep certain things went and was taken by surprise more than once for sure!! The ending was awesome and I was like - wow!!!

4.5 Stars

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  1. Wow! So delighted you reviewed and enjoyed Gray's Promise. Thanks for sharing and helping me spread the word about my new release. Wishing you and your readers an awesome festive season...and hours of happy reading. Anni xx