Tuesday, December 26, 2017

My review of Beauty and the Blitz by Sosie Frost

Cole Hawthorne is a linebacker for the Atwood Monarchs and the player that everyone loves to hate. Known for his grueling hits on the opposition he is hated by his own team and they are desperate to trade him but Cole doesn't want to be traded.

Piper Madison is a single mom to Rose, 16 months old, and she works for her father Paul at his sports agency. She is given the task of getting Cole to sign a trade waiver or be fired.

As Piper gets to know Cole she soon sees what others don't and vows to do what is right for him but will it cost her a job and the stability she needs to raise her daughter? Will Cole let himself fall for Piper and realize that someone cares for him?

This was a great book about falling for the bad guy who is really not so bad after all.

Cole had a stigma attached to him and he refused to get close to anyone as he was afraid of his own power and size. Yet you could also tell how caring he was by letting Piper stay with him after she lost everything. Slowly he was able to let his guard down and let Piper and Rose in but he was still unsure of what was going to happen with his future and football career.

Piper was awesome and I hated how she was treated by her dad. I liked how she never quit fighting for Cole - professionally and personally. No matter how much she was knocked down she somehow found the ability to get up and fight harder. She knew how much good was in Cole but had a lot of work to do just to convince him of what he was worth.

I was super mad at how Cole was treated by his team and the league as he was doing exactly what was expected of him but was the scapegoat for everything.

I absolutely loved the conversation between Cole and Jack Carson at the end and how that changed his love of the game!

Such a great story!

4.5 Stars

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