Thursday, December 1, 2016

My review of Keep Me Warm by Jude Ouvrard

One year ago Adele Gordon lost her world when her husband and son died in a fire. Mentally and emotionally she has had a hard time moving on but she has found a job cleaning hotel rooms and is getting through each day. When a guest gives her a tip of $100 to make time for herself she does just that and realizes how much that small gesture meant to her.

When Mason Wilcher gets food poisoning Adele helps him out and he tells her that he hopes that one day she will realize that she deserves to be happy. As the two form an unlikely friendship, will Adele allow herself to be happy or will the guilt she has to that night prevent her from moving on?

I thought this was a very beautiful story about finding that purpose and reason to live fully after you have lost those you love. For Adele she had so much guilt with being out the night of the fire and I believe a huge part of her believed that she should have died in the fire as well.

The small gesture of receiving $100 was so big for Adele as she never had enough money to treat herself and it really made a huge impact on her. As her friendship with Mason grows she learns to let him in and to live in the moment and not be worried about losing him in the future.

I really loved the message of the book in that there can be happiness again when we give ourselves the chance to let love in.

4.5 Stars

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