Sunday, November 27, 2016

Perfect BLT Sandwich

I love bacon. I think we have been over this before but I love BLT's as they have bacon, lettuce and mayo - my faves!

So I have been trying to scheudle sandwiches in the rotation as I love them and they can be super easy when needed. So of course when I saw this recipe I had to give it at try. But of course I couldn't find basil at the store and then none of us eat tomatoes so the recipe began to change.

I also added cheese to my sandwich as well as to me that makes a sandwich even better!

I have included the instructions for the perfect bacon that I used before as it is complete perfection:

Then here is the link to the recipe that I began to use until I couldn't due to lack of ingredients and some personal alterations. I would like to try it again with basil as that sounds good!!

Totally yum!!

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