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My review of Anywhere The Sun Shines

What a great set of short stories!!

Sunday Hill by Alisa Mullen

Kelinda Milliken attends Harbor Academy in Wells, Maine and is known as a nerd with no friends. Her mother, Anne, is one of the most popular painters and controls Kelinda's life. But an outing with friend and snowboarder Sadie Conway changes that.

Rory McCary is a snowboarder as well and is instantly attracted to Kelinda and the two begin a secret relationship.

When Anne finds out will she try to put a stop to it or will the love of Kelinda and Rory survive the ultimate betrayal?

This book made me both happy and sad although the end made me devastated! I loved the young love and Kelinda finally being able to do something that made her happy and that was be with Rory. 

A Beltane Gift by Holly Barbo

This was a story that took us to the past, the Vikings, through an enchanted archaeological dig and the love that Leda had with her husband.

Mari is working on the dig in Scotland but little does she know how connected she is to the site. Yet, it appears that someone is sabotaging her site and with the help of her friends and her link to the past they are able to uncover the mystery.

I really enjoyed the links to the past and how they came to Mari. Although she wasn't sure if what she saw was real it was done very well and I enjoyed how everything linked up together.

Summer Angel by Samantha Jacobey

Wow! This book is such a departure from what Samantha usually writes and it was well worth the wait!

Charlie Phillips is about to go reluctantly on summer vacation with his parents but all of a sudden nothing makes sense to him anymore when he meets Clarisse.

Clarisse must prove to Charlie that she is real and needs his help but is not yet sure of Charlie's real purpose!

A real page turner and it leaves you wanting the second book in a hurry!!

Road Talk - Life and Love in Alaska by Cherime MacFarlane

Molly B and friends Angel and James have been together through a lot of difficult situations growing up. Now that Molly has become a widow at an early age she has no desire of finding anyone else to take the place of her beloved Davis Lee.

Needing to help out James, Molly heads out with Lou to do an engine swap for a plane that has come down. It is a long road and Molly discovers that Lou knew Davis Lee. There begins a friendship and when Lou tells Molly that she "will never find another Davis Lee so she needs to rethink her criteria", she realizes he may be right.

Will Molly allow herself another chance at love?

Enchanted in Time by Nikki Lynn Barrett 

Roxanne Ferris takes a job as the caretaker for Claudette Grayson, the best selling author of classic fiction who is 93 years old and doesn't appear to have long to live. Roxanne's friend Renee has given her this chance as she knows how she is struggling to get through her past.

Roxanne is trying to escape her past and move on from it but the guilt hangs over her keeping her from being happy. Claudette recognizes Roxanne as an old-soul and asks her to help her with one last story and top-secret project on the love story of Phillip and Margaret. 

Yet, Roxanne discovers how the story fits into Claudette's own life and when Roxanne begins to see and hear things she will do all she can to help Claudette discover the truth before she passes away.

This book brought me to tears so many times as a mother. I can't imagine the pain that Roxanne must feel and it tore at me. Towards the end of the book there was a scene that just did me in and I was so happy that Roxanne was given a chance at finding a sense of happiness and closure. 

Waiting a Lifetime by Michele E. Gwynn

Wow - this one is a heartbreaker!

Wade Walker felt like he had his life all in order with girlfriend Arlene but that is until he sees Melissa Ryan, his friend Jed's little sister. When he discovers his relationship with Arlene was not all he thought it was he pursues Melissa and the two begin an intense relationship.

Melissa Ryan has always been attracted to Wade but after being in a car accident 10 years ago that has left her using crutches she keeps to herself. But after getting to know Wade she realizes she wants to be with him.

Then one stormy night, Wade's past comes back and Melissa leaves and it's soon to late for Wade. 

This book brought me to tears and just absolutely broke my heart. The ending made me happy but it was such a tough road! 

Unchained Melody by R.E. Hargrave

Lieutenant Marshall Chandler, a pilot in the Air Force, is flying out for Afghanistan the next day and wants one more night with a beautiful woman, and meets Lieutenant Melody Carmichael, an emergency nurse with aspirations of becoming a doctor. 

Over the next six years Marshall drinks his way through many women trying to get Melody out of his head. Then a forced job makes Marshall reevaluate his life.

Will Marshall try and find Melody after all this time? Then in an instant everything can be gone for Marshall and he may not have that chance after all.

This book is all about true love and how it can happen instantly and make you never forget that one.

Sunset and New Beginnings by Teri Riggs

Life has just taken a turn for the worse for Mandi Waters after she catches her fiance Ted Lansing and best friend Christy having sex on her bed. Then she finds out that he has also been stealing all her money. Broke and heartbroken Mandi heads to her aunt Abigail's place at Heaven's Beach, South Carolina.

There she plans on putting her life back in order but then she meets the handsome Josh Foster and she knows her heart may soon be broken again.

Josh Foster has had his own heart broken in the past, and has his own troubles, namely his mother June Freestone who is after Abigail's beachfront property. June will do anything to get that property, even if it means sabotaging Josh's new relationship with Mandi. 

Will Mandi and Josh find their happy ever after or will June win?

I loved Mandi and everything she had to overcome with Tad in learning to trust again and then follow her passion with painting. Josh is amazing and I loved how he really put his happiness first and didn't put up with his terrible mother! 

The Hipster Dude, The Gamer Girl and the BOMB by Jayne Hyatt

Neil is in the Denver Public Library when alarms start going off to vacate the building. Outside he meets Evie, and the two begin to talk.

Yet, unknowingly the two each carry bags and are dressed similarly and soon come to the attention of the authorities.

Are the two guilty or will this experience bring two unlikely people together and the start of a new friendship?

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